We met Tommie when Blake was just learning how to snowboard at the age of 6. Blake and Tommie continued their relationship all through Blakes formative years, even following him to Oregon his junior year of high school. The technical skills that Tommie has taught Blake year after year that they built on, has made Blake a well rounded, high-level competitive snowboarder.


– Blake

Tommie Bennett has been our Daughter’s coach for the past two years. We know him well and we can emphatically say that he is the ideal coach for teenage athletes. He is patient, kind, and blends just the right mix of understanding and encouragement in his coaching methods. Learning to overcome the fear of failure and push a bit outside of the comfort zone is the key to the success of an athlete. Tommie has a fantastic way of pushing the athlete to their competitive edge. He prompts them to excel while keeping it light and fun. They respond to his direction and this makes him an integral part of the coaching team.


– Kian

Tommie has coached our daughter since Summer of 2017. Tommie understands his athletes with a rare mix of patience and fairness. He has experienced snowboard competition firsthand and strives that his athletes overcome their struggles and celebrate their triumphs. He has a unique ability to coach at multiple levels. Tommie is more than willing to discuss the development and goals of his athletes. He is an integral part of the decision for our daughter to pursue her snowboard endeavors.


– Michele

We were fortunate to have Tommie Bennet as my son’s snowboarding coach for two years. We were part of a team geared towards national and international level riding.

As a parent, I am most thankful that Tommie provided a safe progression oriented development program during which he showed a keen ability to understand my son’s strengths and weaknesses. He would hold my son back when needed and push him just enough when he knew that the next level was close. My observation was that the focus was on safe clean riding, camaraderie and progression and while being at the top of the podium was not the defining goal, Tommie’s system seemed to put the boys on the podium more than not. Again this was the result of what this small team was doing every day.

I wish to thank Tommie for not only helping my son excel at snowboarding but his example to the young men was outstanding. A high bar was set and lived by the team with Tommie leading the way. My son learned habits that he continues to live by. He adopted early morning training in the gym and on the mountain, eating an amazingly clean and natural diet and was guided through mentoring for those inevitable teenage challenges that come with the age and working together over long hours. We are much better for having worked with Tommie Bennett. Tommie had such a positive influence on my son both personally and professionally. Having been ranked high in The Revolution tour, consistent USSA podiums and placing in the New Zealand national pipe competition were by-products of being mentored by Coach Bennet.


– Christopher Mawn